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Five Hole?

..What Five Hole?

10 August 1988
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Awesome rock band, One in Ten

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Well, hello there. I'm Becky and if you've come across this journal by chance then er... hello. If you know me then I've probably sent you here myself :P Or you already know about it and, even though you aren't any less welcome, this thing wont really tell you that much about me that you don't already know. My life is nothing out of the ordinary but I enjoy it none the less. I work at a building design company in Manchester and in my spare time do too much related to hockey. Matt and I write a hockey blog that we're just trying to get off the ground and I play (in the loosest sense of the word) in net for the Altrincham Aardvarx. I support and work for the Manchester Phoenix and do too much goalie watching :) Reading my interests list will probably tell you most of what you'll need to know about what I like and dislike and if you really want to get to know me then you're probably best off going on a page and reading my journal. Ah, yes... apart from that you can't see anything other than a pretty friends only banner (unless you're one of the people on the list below). Well, if you're really interested, drop me a note at my banner and I'll probably add you back :)
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